Why Ruly Unruly?

I was reading something about how “unstructured” is kind of the new “structured.”  I immediately thought about my hair in its natural state. A mass of tightly coiled kinks that from a distance might seem like an unruly mess…

un·ru·ly /ˌənˈro͞olē/ : not readily ruled, disciplined, or managed <an unruly crowd> <a mane of unruly hair>

but on closer inspection those tight little coils are one of the universe’s perfect circles. Ruly, actually.

ru·ly /ˌro͞olē/ : obedient, orderly

Ruly unruly also describes my personality – often chaotic contradictions. Smart but kind of dumb, kind but a little bossy (ok a lot). Talkative but introverted. Ruly, but unruly.

That’s what you’ll find here in images, music, video and random reflections. And probably a hell of a lot of typos…


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  • Grace

    Thanks, Pam! This is a personal blog, so I’m not trying promoting it or spending as much time on it as WAF, – it’s for friends and family – but I had to find somewhere to display my personal brand of ridiculousness. :-)