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A bird’s Eye view

A Bird's eye view of The London Eye

On our way to get in line to get into one of those pods to get a bird’s a view of the London skyline. I thought I’d panic a bit (tight space so high above the ground) but I was too busy taking pictures and enjoying the view.

A Scene from Persuasion?

Bath, England

The day trip to Bath was so we could see this street and visit The Jane Austen Museum – Whether it’s official or not, this pic reminds me of my favorite scene from BBCs 2007 version of Persuasion with Rupert Pembry-Jones and Sally Hawkins

Keep Calm and Write

Keep Calm and Write

I have all this stuff I have to do and want to do and I get overwhelmed. But really, some days, the …

Are you not entertained

Are you not entertained?

Sometimes when I’m at work, I feel like kicking my chair back, jumping up and going all Maximus Decimus Meridius on them. …

Purple Wisteria in Japan

Purple Wisteria

Few man-made things that are considered beautiful compare to the beauty of nature. Purple Wisteria in Japan. Source Amazing World Online.

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz

I’m feeling this picture of Celia Cruz. Her eyes, her nose, that “kinda” smile. Gorgeous…